We are a General Engineering Contractor, General Building Contractor, and a Foundation Contractor.

We provide clients with services pertaining to foundation inspection, foundation repair, foundation waterproofing, foundation drainage, foundation underpinning, foundation jacking, foundation replacement, new retaining wall, retaining wall repairs, basement waterproofing, bearing wall removal, cripple wall repair, and any other repair requiring engineering knowledge and skills.

Why is it important to do a foundation inspection?

We recommend homeowners and homebuyers to perform a foundation inspection so that they are aware as to what is going on with the home's foundation system. Foundation systems are very important to a house, without it the house itself would not be transferring the vertical loads properly onto the soil which it bearing on. This will cause the house to be at a higher risk of going through major settlement.

What can happen to my house if it is not earthquake retrofitted?

During an earthquake a house encounters two major types of ground forces: lateral forces and uplift forces. If a house is not strong enough to adsorb the earthquake's energy, then the structural frame of the house is prone to failure. Lateral forces will cause raking and/or sliding of a home, while uplift forces will cause overturning of a home, all which can be constrained as well as prevented by just properly earthquake retrofitting a house.

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